Friday, April 28, 2006

Trip Report: Pocket Aces Poker League 4/27

Pocket Aces Poker League
AJ Gator's
Chesapeake Square, VA
April 27

I've been traveling for work, and so when I found out that there is a bar poker league around Norfolk, VA I jumped at a chance to try it.

The Structure

This game has a homemade feel. The game starts at 7pm and another one starts up as soon as the other finishes. You start with 1000 in chips and the blinds start at 25/0 and double every ten minutes. There is no dealer and each player takes turn being the dealer. The game is like being in a turbo sit and go, with some very slow players. Misdeals are common. There are prizes you can win like a trip to the WSOP or other stuff when you complete in the championships.

My Play

The blind structure of the game force you to play fast and loose. When it made sense by the pot odds to call, all of my nuts draws failed. When there were a flush or straigh draw on the board I folded the best hand a few times (2 pair vs top pair). There is no time to wait for the nuts and you just have to take a hand that hit (2 pair or better) and go for it.

It was fun, It was more of a poker outing then a sophiscated game. I like it because the folks are friendly and were all there to gamble with no money. I will go back if I'm in the area with some time.

1 comment:

MSMITH20 said...

you probably came back happy as u won or was it really the friendly people there mate. :-)
micheal smith

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