Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Weight Check July 22

I'm down a pound and a half from last week. It's good considering, I wasn't writing what I ate this weekend and I didn't exercise as much. I went to the Gym once, but I don't know if that was enough. I continue to walk to work and back everyday so at least I get some work out.

Next week, my family and I are returning to Buffalo New York for a family reunion vacation. We are driving about 24 hours to get there. Buffalo's best known for chicken wings, beef on 'weck and pizza. My favorite thing is rye bread.

The first thing we're going to do when we get there is go shopping for some good food that we can eat (lettuce, fruits, vegetables, etc). I'm going to try hard to keep on my diet there.

I think one wing is about 150 calories so at most I could have 4 which is 600 calories.

My plan there is to:
- stick to my low-carb diet with the oil
- write down what I eat.
- plan the day out
- exercise by running or going to a health club.

Weight: 260.5 lbs (home scale)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Bankroll update 7/14/2008

I haven't been playing and studying poker with the same intensity that I used to: having kids, working out and working on the job has that effect on you. I do still play occasionally. My favorite game is Omaha Hi-Lo Limit $.10/.20 - $.50/$1 limits on pokerstars. I've also played a few single table NHLE $1 sit and go's on pokerstars as well.

I was hoping to get a 'return' bonus from FTP, so I've been avoiding playing there. The limits are high there so I've been preferring to play on pokerstars.

Current bank roll

Full Tilt Poker: $82.95 + 3/$26 satellite token
Pokerstars: $186.40
Live: $0.00

Early Weight Loss Check in: 7/14

I did an early check-in this week because I'm traveling for work. I lost two pounds last week and I'm well below my ultimate goal. It looks like I'll be below 260 when I travel to Buffalo New York for vacation.

I'm concerned with traveling again but I think it'll be alright.

Weight: 262 lbs (home scale)

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Weight Loss Check in

I only lost 1 pound this week. On the weekends, I stopped taking the oil and it was the Fourth of July weekend. I think I need to stick to the oil on the weekends.

I created a spread sheet to keep track of my weight lost and goal and this is what it currently looks like. My target weight is based on my starting weight - 2lbs/week with adjustments for vacation, holidays (thanksgiving, xmas), but my two big goals are 220 by mid January and 170 by July 2009.

220 represents just being overweight and 170 represents normal weight.

I'm under my target weight right now and if I'm over ten pounds away from my target, I'll adjust it, but the 6 lbs buffer gives me some room to fail a bit.

Weight: 264 lbs (home scale)

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Supplements purchases

This is what I brought yesterday and the effects that the supplements are suppose to do.

  • Magnesium Caps - 400mg - Helps with Nerve function and hypertension
  • Vitamin C - 500mg - antioxidant
  • CoQ10 - 60mg - antioxidant, Heart, and High Blood Pressure
  • Vitamin D-3 - 1000IU - Coronary Disease prevention.
  • Garlic - 600mg - for atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure
  • Fish Oil - 1200mg - Coronary health
With my other medicine and the small aspirin I took 9 pills this morning.

I tried to find Vitamin K-2, but they didn't have the dose and the kind of K-2 I wanted.

I need to monitor myself the next few days to make sure I don't have any side effects.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Weight Check in and Supplements

I lost a surprising amount of weight this week. I was down almost 3.5 lbs. I thought I was bad this weekend. We went to a hot-dog stand in the mountains and had Dairy Queen small ice cream. I didn't take any oil this weekend and relied on nuts between meals to snack.


At the Gym, I ran about 30 minutes at 4.6 miles/hour about four times last week. I'm trying to increase my time while still keeping my heart rate around 140. I don't feel bad about not going more because I walk to and from work everyday for a total for 4 miles.


I picked up a "Reverse Heart Disease Now" book from the Tattered Covered this week. I wanted to take more supplements and see what they recommend.

Pills I take

Every morning I take the following pills
- aspirin 81mg
- Gemfibrovil - 600mg - anti-lipid medicine
- Diovin - 160mg - anti-HBP medicine
- Fish Oil - 1200 mg
- OneADay Men's Multivitamin.

I would like to get off of the Gemfibrovil and Diovin, but I think losing weight will help with that. I want to reverse the plaque build up, so I was looking for Supplements that would help with that.

Shopping list.

Base on the book and some websites, I'm going to get the following supplements at Vitamin Cottage
- Fish Oil - The recommended dose is 2-4 grams, but I'm taking walnut oil and ELOO
- Vitamin C - The OneADay has 90 mg, I will try to get it up to 500 mg
- Magnesium - 400 mg
- CoQ10 - Gelcap 100-300mg form
- Vitamin K-2 (Menaquinone-7 ) 150 mcg
- Vitamin D-3 (cholecalciferol) in Gelcap form

Weight: 265 lbs (home scale)