Thursday, April 20, 2006

Bank roll update: April 20, 2006: Downturn.

I've taken a bit of a hit on my bankrolls. My bankroll is down about 25% on both of the sites I play. I've been thinking about my play and I think it's related to a few things:

  1. I've been attempting to move up in limits. I've been so confident in my game, that I forget how to play with better players. The players can be more tricky. Some games are weak, but there are better players at $.10/$.25 limits. So I can not just play looser.

  2. Bluffing more and not folding to check raises when I have nothing. I've been more confident when I have to chips to be more aggressive and bet higher when I think my opponent is on a draw. So i've been semi-bluffing and bluffing more. I've made some big bluffs, but I've lost alot attempting big bluffs. Bluffing is a good addition to my game, but I have to tone it down a bit.

  3. Tilting when losing a bluff and not being patient enought to wait for the nuts.

I'm going to go down to $.05/.10 games to build up my confidence and my bankroll before I attempt to play some of the higher limits.

Current bankroll
FTP: $157.15 + 1/$26 satellite token
Pokerstars: $120.88

Live: $300.00

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