Monday, September 28, 2009

Blackhawk Poker Trip report.

After a full day of cleaning up the house and playing with the kids. I thought it would be fun to go up to Blackhawk for the day. So I made the kids breakfast, kissed my wife and when up to Blackhawk on the 9:35 am bus out of Downtown Denver.

I visited a few casinos. The Golden Gulch Casino has a Heartland Poker tour going on and the Lodge was almost empty so I went over to the Ameristar Casino. They had a $450,000 bad beat jackpot, so I thought "why not?". I knew me hitting the bad beat jackpot was next to nothing, but it's worth a try. I knew other people would be trying it to, so there will be more loose players.

I played from about 11:30 to 7pm and then I had to make the bus back down to Denver.

I played alright. I came out about $250 ahead starting with $140 and I didn't have to rebuy the whole day. I felt like I left some money on the table thought without some value betting and some more aggressive moves, and some draws I should have taken.

Position is key, I had this aggressive good player to my left and I should have move on the table to his left or got a new table at some point, because my EV would have been better in position.

I did let a few people draw out and I should have pushed more when I flopped had a straight flush draw and someone beat me with a higher straight. Also, I should have drawn out a little more with two other players.

I do like the spread limit better than no-limit. The games plays more like a Pot-Limit game and it less push/shove.

I can't wait to go back.

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Sick Bastard: Take 2 Promotion on Full Tilt Poker

I'm a sick bastard. I completed the Take 2 Promotion on Full Tilt Poker and got myself one of these. It was a pretty simple deal, instead of the Iron Man challenge where you had to play a lot and at higher limits.. All you had to do was to play poker on two tables during September for each day.

There is still time to earn a $5 this month. I think it'll be a popular promotion and it'll be back soon. Especially if other sites run big tournaments.

Don't forget to use Bonus Code "Blackhawk" when you sign up to play poker at Full Tilt Poker and I'll send you some love. :) Plus you'll get 100% Poker sign up bonus up to $600.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Move Daily Show back to the regular time.

I'm going to start a petition.

"Move the Daily Show/Colbert Report back to its regular replay time at 9PM MT/8PM ET."

I live in Denver and get Comcast Cable. They show Comedy Central on the Pacific time schedule so that the new Daily Show/Colbert Report is shown at Midnight and not 11PM as it is in the East Coast. The replay from the night before used to be at 9PM which was great for us, because the kids went to bed and we could watch it before we went to bed. But this season, they've switched the replay to 8PM instead of 9PM. This has messed up our scheduled. The Daily Show/Colbert Report dovetailed nicely with our nighttime schedule. Most of the other shows we watch (Project Runway, Top Chef, ESPN Poker) have new shows at 8PM and so we no longer watch Daily Show/Colbert Report any more.

Please write your Cable Provider, Comedy Central, and your Congressmen.