Monday, September 28, 2009

Blackhawk Poker Trip report.

After a full day of cleaning up the house and playing with the kids. I thought it would be fun to go up to Blackhawk for the day. So I made the kids breakfast, kissed my wife and when up to Blackhawk on the 9:35 am bus out of Downtown Denver.

I visited a few casinos. The Golden Gulch Casino has a Heartland Poker tour going on and the Lodge was almost empty so I went over to the Ameristar Casino. They had a $450,000 bad beat jackpot, so I thought "why not?". I knew me hitting the bad beat jackpot was next to nothing, but it's worth a try. I knew other people would be trying it to, so there will be more loose players.

I played from about 11:30 to 7pm and then I had to make the bus back down to Denver.

I played alright. I came out about $250 ahead starting with $140 and I didn't have to rebuy the whole day. I felt like I left some money on the table thought without some value betting and some more aggressive moves, and some draws I should have taken.

Position is key, I had this aggressive good player to my left and I should have move on the table to his left or got a new table at some point, because my EV would have been better in position.

I did let a few people draw out and I should have pushed more when I flopped had a straight flush draw and someone beat me with a higher straight. Also, I should have drawn out a little more with two other players.

I do like the spread limit better than no-limit. The games plays more like a Pot-Limit game and it less push/shove.

I can't wait to go back.

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