Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bonus code BLACKHAWK on Full Tilt Poker, damnit

I've been doing some guerrilla marketing techniques lately with my affiliates program at FullTiltPoker. I made up some business cards and I've been passing these around. I left some at a coffee shop in Denver. I've also put some in some poker books at a book store.

Who knows, it may work. What do I have to lose?

Monday, February 16, 2009

I-Phones, Politcs and Poker.

Now this is cool.

Casino's are reporting the use of an I-Phone Application to count cards at a black jack table. [AP]
Card counting is not illegal, but using devices are.

Some one needs to invent a poker I-Phone apps that you can leave on a table and track what seats are aggressive or tight. I don't think you can get to Poker tracker level of analysis, but for long sessions, it would be cool.

Man, I need to figure out how to patent things. :)

I listen to a lot of political talk radio. And I was wondering how to categories the recent politics that's been going on in Washington DC. There is this great article in the New Yorker on it. I think Obama's been playing a tight aggressive game since he has been in Washington. Recent results from polling says he hasn't lost much capital but his opponents have.

In Politics, Think Tournament stack size == Approval rating, George W. Bush was felted with a < 25% approval rating.

I also felt W was a loose aggressive player, who like to gamble pre-flop, but was lost post-flop and never could recover on turn or river. (cf Afganistan, Iraq war, War on Terror, Wanted Dead or Alive, Social Security reform, etc)

I'm hoping Obama a tight aggressive player. He didn't want to spend all his capital on the stimulus package, so he went looking for bi-partisant support, We won't know if he won until later, but his stack size is still preserved.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Colorado Charity Poker Scandal

This is sad [9news]. A family that lost their child, was victimized again after a scum Bar Poker League organizer had a Charity Poker event, but did not donate any money to the family after wards.

The Suited Aces bar Poker league played around Denver Colorado.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Lux Interior of the Cramps dead.

Yesterday Lux Interior of the Cramp died of a pre-existing heart condition.. [Guardian has a good article] [AP] [wikipedia] They were awesome, one of my favorite rock-abilly/punk/lo-fi bands of the early eighties. Their 'Bad Music for Bad People' cassette spent alot of time in my car's tape deck. I really like songs like 'She Said' and this is my favorite from that album. "What's inside a girl". It would make a good ukelele song. :)

Whoa, there's some things, baby, I just can't swallow
Mama told me that girls are hollow

What's inside a girl?
Somethin' tellin' me there's a whole another world

You gotta pointy bra, a ten inch waist
Long black stockings all over the place
Boots, buckles, belts outside
Whatcha got in there you tryin' to hide?

What's inside a girl?
Ain't no hotter question in a so-called civilized world

I can't help peekin'

Well, you can't see it by satellite and baby, that's cheatin'
The President's callin' an emergency meetin'
The King of Siam sent a telegram
Sayin', "Wop bop a loop a lop a lop boom bam"

What's inside a girl?
And I have somethin tellin' me there's a whole another world

Whatcha got, whatcha got, whatcha got in the pot?
Whatcha got, whatcha got, whatcha got in the pot?
In the bottom of your bottomless body pit
Oh baby, you got somethin' an' I gotta get it

Come on, baby, what's inside a girl?

Like a itty bitty baby takes apart his toys
Gotta find what's rilin' up the boys
Sugar and spice is just a bluff
You can tell me, baby, what is that stuff?

Come on, what's inside a girl?
That wavy gravy got my head in a whirl

Whatcha got, whatcha got, whatcha got in the pot?
Whatcha got, whatcha got, whatcha got in the pot?
In the bottom of your bottomless body pit
Oh baby, you got somethin' an' I gotta get it

Come on, baby, what's inside a girl?

Whatcha got, whatcha got, whatcha got in the pot?
Whatcha got, whatcha got, whatcha got in the pot?
Whatcha got, whatcha got, whatcha got in the pot?
Whatcha got, whatcha got, whatcha got in the pot?

Oh, baby, what's inside a girl?

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Coffee and Poker

I've been playing a bit of poker online recently. Some developments...

I've installed pokertracker again on my computer. I think it's impossible to multi-table and play online with out it. My database is small, but at least I can see how I'm rating.

I've reloaded my Full Tilt Poker account with $100. I didn't realize how easy it could be. One quick credit card transaction and I was ready to go.

I started playing cash games on $.25NL and it was really tough. I played very tight/aggressive and managed to come out about $2 dollars ahead after 3 hours of playing. I lost 7 dollars early in the night after my pair of Queens on a Ten high board drew out with a Ten on the river.

My play on Poker stars was really tough as well. At one point I was up to $60 in my bankroll there, but now I'm back to around $30. I think the games are getting really tough. After three hours of playing on line, according to pokertracker most players were Tight/Aggressive or Semi-Loose/Aggressive. I think most of the other players must be using the same strategy as well and 'waiting for a fish'.

I was listening to 'All Strategy' on pokerroad radio this morning and Daniel N. (I'm to lazy to look up his spelling) was mentioning that much of the poker playing field the players are all playing the same type of style but it's the pro's that make the adjustments to adapt. If all the players are Tight-Aggressive you adapt by adopting a more loose style or vice versa. It's great that the lower-level/micro level players are playing this way, it's a good training ground. But one thing I notice is that many times a raise Under the Gun or UTG+1 is a fold, because most players are expecting really good cards if you are raising there.

This counter-strategy got me thinking about Starbucks. They recently announced that they are not brewing decaf coffee after 2 PM any more. I like their coffee but the counter help can be really snobby sometimes. I hate the counter help that says "we have Tall, Grande, etc" when you order a large decaf. I usually just walk out at that point. Yesterday I asked for a decaf at 3 in the afternoon and a counter person said "we don't brew...." . I walked out at that point and got a decaf coffee at The Tattered Cover bookstore.

Some small coffee shop owner or manager need to put out a sign that says "Freshly Brewed Decaf" in their window ala Crispy Cream's "We have fresh donuts" sign.

I need to lower my playing time. I would only like to play from 8PM to 10PM nightly. There is a 300 point free roll for tournament tokens on Full Tilt and that starts at 8:15PM. I usually get pretty deep there and I want to get a bunch of those tokens before I try to play a larger buy-in sit-and-go. Plus sneaking a few hours at work is not good that's for sure.

Current bank roll
FullTiltPoker: $102.40 (2 $75 Token)
Pokerstars: $29.29 (2 Step 1 Tournament Tickets)
Live: $44.00