Monday, February 16, 2009

I-Phones, Politcs and Poker.

Now this is cool.

Casino's are reporting the use of an I-Phone Application to count cards at a black jack table. [AP]
Card counting is not illegal, but using devices are.

Some one needs to invent a poker I-Phone apps that you can leave on a table and track what seats are aggressive or tight. I don't think you can get to Poker tracker level of analysis, but for long sessions, it would be cool.

Man, I need to figure out how to patent things. :)

I listen to a lot of political talk radio. And I was wondering how to categories the recent politics that's been going on in Washington DC. There is this great article in the New Yorker on it. I think Obama's been playing a tight aggressive game since he has been in Washington. Recent results from polling says he hasn't lost much capital but his opponents have.

In Politics, Think Tournament stack size == Approval rating, George W. Bush was felted with a < 25% approval rating.

I also felt W was a loose aggressive player, who like to gamble pre-flop, but was lost post-flop and never could recover on turn or river. (cf Afganistan, Iraq war, War on Terror, Wanted Dead or Alive, Social Security reform, etc)

I'm hoping Obama a tight aggressive player. He didn't want to spend all his capital on the stimulus package, so he went looking for bi-partisant support, We won't know if he won until later, but his stack size is still preserved.

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