Monday, April 03, 2006

Personalized hot stamped poker chips.

For my birthday, my wife got me some personalized chips. In Denver, at the Southwest Plaza, there was a gambling store called 'Gambler's edge'. It was closing, so we were able to get a deal on some chips. We decided on the 'Bee Chips, with the confetti sides'. We would have had them hot stamped there at the shop, but he already sold the equipment to a guy named Gunnar.

We went to Gunnar Nitzkorski, who worked with us to design the hotstamp. The hand is my favorite (67s) and the line is from the movie The Cincinnati Kid. Lancey Howard just beat the hell out of the Cincinnati kid in 5 card stub with a straight flush vs Full house.

Lancey Howard: "Gets down to what it's all about, doesn't it? Making the wrong move at the right time"

Cincinnati Kid: "Is that what it's all about?"

Lancey Howard: "Like life, I guess. You're good, kid, but as long I'm around you're second best. You might as well learn to live with it."

Gunnar Nitskorski does this work part time out of his home. He does hot stamping but he also makes poker tables. If you're in the Denver area and you are looking for some poker supplies, I would recommend him. His phone number is: 303-594-6755. If you need his email address, please contact me.

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