Wednesday, April 05, 2006

No fold'em hold'em, Black Hawk and Bank Roll.

This weekend my wife and I are planning on going to Blackhawk, Colorado for the day. Last time, I was there, I was very frustrated because I lost all my bank roll playing a 3/5 spread limit game.

But I would really like to beat the 1/2 limit hold'em game there. Limit is not like No-limit where you can't push folks with your big stacks. With limit, you have to win on the river. I'm going to practice the rest of the week on the $.10/$.20 fix limit games on Pokerstars and FTP.

My basic strategy is:

  1. Play tight. Following the starting hands chart from the Miller, Sklansky and Malmuth 's Small Stakes Hold'em book.
  2. Review the that Small Stakes Hold'em for strategies.
  3. Avoid big pots unless you have or are drawing to the nuts.
  4. Small pot vs Big Pot poker.
  5. In multiway pots, Top Pair with a second kicker is deadly. The nuts have to be
    1. Trips if no straight or flush on board
    2. Two card Straights, Higher straights, not dummy ones. 45 with 678 on board.
    3. Flushes with K, A or Q
  6. Don't raise for the free card,
    1. unless you are playing against one other person.
  7. Get in as cheaply as possible.
  8. Watch other people play for what they play and how they react.
Some things I need to learn to do in Small Stakes Hold'em
1) What to do with bottom two pair?
2) How to limit the tilt factor when people draw out on you?
3) How to play to increase my EV.

My bankroll is doing pretty well this week. I'm up to $200 on FTP and moving up on Pokerstars. When I get both up to above $200, i'm going to move up to higher limits.

Current bankroll
FTP: $201.70 + 1/$26 satellite token
Pokerstars: $150.61

Live: $300.00

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