Tuesday, May 02, 2006

April 2 2006 Bankroll Update: Plateau?

I've hoping I've plateaued out. This week, I've was down to $119 on Full Tilt Poker but I've managed to build it back up to $141.

On Pokerstars, I made it to 7th place in a $1.00 45 player sit and go. It wasn't a win, but psyche-ly, it was a big win for me. I have been playing awfully and I needed to prove that I'm not that bad. I was playing depressed and weak. This is really bad. you need to be strong and believe in your ability to play poker.

I made some good plays the last few days. I've stopped playing too loose. I've stopped playing every suited connector in early position. I've folded when I've been re-raised when I was weak. I've also called off bluffs correctly when I suspected the player was weak. I'm also thinking more about the hands and how they have played out before I play out.

Current bankroll
Full Tilt Poker: $141.90 + 1/$26 satellite token
Pokerstars: $119.28

Live: $300.00

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