Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Denver Poker Tour: Table Steaks East 5/28

The Place

Table Steaks East is located on South Parker Road just north of the I-225 exit. Look for the Taco Bell on the West side of South Parker Road.

The poker games are played on the patio. There were 5 tables with about 10 people on the waiting list this Sunday night. According to the recent DPT calendar, they play several times a week there including Friday night, Saturday afternoon and Monday night. I've played on the Friday night games before and the Patio can be full of tables. They don't accept phone in sign ups, but the sign up sheet is available in person two hours before the starting time of the game.

My wife and I arrived there a little after 5pm. We played pool and hockey for a hour and half and had a good time drinking some beers. They have a good selection of beer. They have full size pool tables along with standard bar pool tables. They also have darts, some video games, air hockey, and various other bar games. They have a full kitchen and I've had the buffalo burgers there once.

My Play

There were 5 starting tables. I played pretty well and was able to put pressure on other players. I loosen up my game but when I hit the near nuts I was very aggressive and portrait a very tight aggressive image. I didn't get called when I had the near nuts. I hit a straight with a 3 flush on board, trips with a 3 flush on turn. I showed it once to show that I play the nuts, but never got called mid-way in the game.

The play started very aggressive and I just sat back and waited for them to beat up on each other.

I lasted for 3 hours and was up to about 1500 in chips. I made it to the 100/200 level. I had A2s and raised three times the blind to try to steal the blinds and the BB went all in. By his aggressive bet, I though he was weak so I called. He had KK, and I hit a Ace on the river, but he made a straight. One mistake I made is that I could have raised 2XBB and bailed when he reraised.

I didn't have any high pair (JJ, KK, QQ, AA) all night, but I was happy with my play.

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