Sunday, March 19, 2006

Bankroll update, March 19th.

I've been struggling a little on pokerstars, trying to build up my bankroll there. I've believe I been playing the same as I do on FullTilt Poker, but I've have not been progressing as well as I think I should. The players on Pokerstars are a little more looser which can be frustrating. I have been playing much attention to the table as I should. I realized that each table of players have a different set of winning hands and possible starting hands. One night, I played a few rounds on FTP, just to gain my confidence again.

Beating the 1/2 limit or 1/2 3-5 spread limit games in Black Hawk, CO

One of my poker goals is to beat the limit games in Black Hawk colorado. Because there is a
$5 bet limit in Colorado, the casino's don't offer anything other than low limit games. There are tournaments with buyin's from $20 to $200, but the majority of the action is on these low limits games. I played for a few hours once waiting for a tournament at the Giplin Casino at the spread limit game. I started with a $160 bankroll and was $10 a head in a few hours. I was very happy, but I think that table was easier to beat.

I also played at the Colorado Center Station waiting for another tournament. I knew the table was going to be tough because while we were waiting for a dealer, no one talked to anyone else. I remember Mike Caro once said it's better to be a table with laughing people than quiet people, you're more likely to win more with laughing people. These people at my table there were very quiet. The players were different as well, they were a few people who thought they were Gus Hansen and played any two cards to the river. I was amazed that they kept any pocket pair to the river and would pay bottom pair like it was trips. I did notice that these players kept on dumping money onto the table.

After a while, I went on tilt because my starting hands didn't hit or my draws didn't hit. I think I learn a few lessons

1) The more people in the pot, the better hand or draw you need. Top Pair Top Kicker isn't good. Even QJs with QQX on the boardmight not be good because some one probably have XQ or smooth called with AQo. It's better to draw to a flush with JTs, QJs, KTs, or Axs because many folks will play J4s, they are getting the right odds to draw, but only to the second best hand. You want trips, top two pairs, straights and flushes.

2) Poker Jiu-Jitsu. Players think that power poker wins and will bet on anything. But against very aggressive players, let them lead themselves to the river. Raising for the free card is insane. If you have 4 or 5 players in the pot and your are drawing to the nut flush with A5s, chances are some one is holding Q4s and is drawing along with you. Remember that in your # of outs.

3) Small pot poker is a good strategy. If you are playing tight and just pick up a pot because you betted out on the flop, that's a good thing.

4) If you have control on a table and have a tight image, you can bluff a little. The biggest pot I won on at the Gilpin casino was when I missed my flush draw but a Ten hit and I betted out as if I hit. Big Bluffs are harder because some players over value their cards.

5) Don't go on Tilt. If you lose a little on that table, consider it to be a lesson, but in the long run you will probably do better.

Current bankroll
FTP: $209.35 + 1/$26 satellite token
Pokerstars: $123.87

Live: $300.00

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