Saturday, March 11, 2006

Bankroll Update, March 11th

I didn't play much poker this week because I was traveling for work, but I did play one night. I was down to about $100 on pokerstars, but got myself back up to 113.66, mostly by playing very tight.

Hit and Run

I went down to the $0.01/$0.02, I was going to try a 'hit and run' strategy where you play only AA/KK/AKs/QQ and just put all your money in with these cards. When you double your bankroll, you move up to the next level. The theory of this kind of play is that the players online are so lose and weak that they'll call an all in pre-flop with JTo or A6s. I quickly ran out of patience with this strategy because it took so long to hit such good cards. Perhaps if I was going to play a long tournament and wanted to try it with $2 again.

Current bankroll
FTP: $202.00 + 1/$26 satellite token
Pokerstars: $113.66

Live: $300.00

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