Friday, January 23, 2009

Poker Update

I've done pretty good this week.

On FTP, I've managed to win a $75 token in a 300 ftp points multi-player tournament. That was fun. I managed to be in second place in money when the game stopped because of the seventh player lost. My strategy is to keep on trying to win these and then attempt to win a $69+6 SitnGo to repopulate my bank roll. The only problem I have is that these 300 and 50 ftp point tournament only run twice a day. So I can only get the night one.

I thought I played well, I was aggressive and won many pots to keep about average chip stack. I was also able to fold when I needed to to protect my stack as well.

On Pokerstars, I managed to double my bankroll to playing mostly 1 cent/2 cent NLHE will a minimum buy in of $1 and leaving when I have 10% of my bankroll on the table. It been working pretty good so far.

Current bank roll
FullTiltPoker: $0.03 (1 $75 Token)
Pokerstars: $29.88
Live: $44.00

1 comment:

J. T. said...

I really hate playing that low.... I would rather buy back in and play .10 / .25 GL on the comback.