Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Bankroll update.

I made a quilt over the holidays. I still have to back it and sew it up. That'll make a nice weekend project.

I've been playing much poker again. I missed the game, but it's taking too much of my time.

  • I went up to The Lodge Casino this weekend, I came out 50 dollars ahead but spend 12 hours on the tables. My wife and I are thinking of going up there this weekend.
  • I also started playing on Full Tilt Poker. I only have 3 cent in my account, but I have a lot of FTP points. My strategy is to play freerolls, FTP point tournaments and sit and go's until I have a bank roll again.
  • On Pokerstars, My bankroll was down to about 5 dollars, but I've built it up to $13 on 2/4 cent Limit Hold'em and Limited Hi-Lo Omaha. I won't play No-Limit Ring games until I can put in only 5% of my bank roll on there. (cf Chris Ferguson strategy). I found a 10 cent NL tournament with 360 folks there and got pretty deep.
Current bank roll
Full Tilt Poker: $0.03
Pokerstars: $13.18
Live: $44.00

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