Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Weight Check in and Supplements

I lost a surprising amount of weight this week. I was down almost 3.5 lbs. I thought I was bad this weekend. We went to a hot-dog stand in the mountains and had Dairy Queen small ice cream. I didn't take any oil this weekend and relied on nuts between meals to snack.


At the Gym, I ran about 30 minutes at 4.6 miles/hour about four times last week. I'm trying to increase my time while still keeping my heart rate around 140. I don't feel bad about not going more because I walk to and from work everyday for a total for 4 miles.


I picked up a "Reverse Heart Disease Now" book from the Tattered Covered this week. I wanted to take more supplements and see what they recommend.

Pills I take

Every morning I take the following pills
- aspirin 81mg
- Gemfibrovil - 600mg - anti-lipid medicine
- Diovin - 160mg - anti-HBP medicine
- Fish Oil - 1200 mg
- OneADay Men's Multivitamin.

I would like to get off of the Gemfibrovil and Diovin, but I think losing weight will help with that. I want to reverse the plaque build up, so I was looking for Supplements that would help with that.

Shopping list.

Base on the book and some websites, I'm going to get the following supplements at Vitamin Cottage
- Fish Oil - The recommended dose is 2-4 grams, but I'm taking walnut oil and ELOO
- Vitamin C - The OneADay has 90 mg, I will try to get it up to 500 mg
- Magnesium - 400 mg
- CoQ10 - Gelcap 100-300mg form
- Vitamin K-2 (Menaquinone-7 ) 150 mcg
- Vitamin D-3 (cholecalciferol) in Gelcap form

Weight: 265 lbs (home scale)

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