Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Weight Check: Initial Success

I now don't think our bathroom scale is broken. I weighted myself in the morning and it said 274.5 lbs. I've lost about 5.5 lbs. I'm going to mark it as 275 lbs for convenient sake.

I was very good yesterday. I had to travel for business and I had to eat out for a few meals. I was very concerned about that, but I made a meal plan in my head:

  • At the airport I had a McDonalds Premium salad (Southwest), half a package of dressing, and a small parfait
  • For breakfast an Egg McMuffin with Hashbrowns (my only indulgence)
  • Lunch was catered with a small sandwich from Panera and some side salad;
  • and finally for dinner I went to a real restaurant at the airport and had salmon with vegetables (without the garlic mashed potatoes and just a little blue cheese dressing for the house salad).
  • I also had red wine at dinner and on the plane back.
  • For all my salads, I used the 'dip the fork in the dressing first method' to just get a little dressing on the greens.
I didn't know how many calories I did, but I figured it must have been okay for the day.

Weight: 275 lbs (home scale)

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