Thursday, June 05, 2008

Calcium Score Results

My Calcium Score came back from the screening.

RegionCalcium Score (Agatston)Volume (mm3)
Left Main00
Right Coronary Artery46
Left Anterior Descending101107
Posterior Descending Artery00
Other 100
Other 200
Other 300

My Total Calcium Score is: 111

What this means is that for a 101-400 scoring range. I have definite, at least moderate atherosclerotic plaque.

My risk of is mild coronary artery disease highly likely with significant narrowing possible.

I need time to digest this result.


Anonymous said...

Dont worry 7 years ago mine was left anterior 96 volume 141 agatston score. I am having another on friday. Exercise watch your diet cut out booze and dont smoke.

enjoy life but work on it

Anonymous said...

This is Mike in Texas. Mine was 133 last year. Went back for a second scan for blockage and they found 50% in 2 arteries. It's been a long year of life style changes and meds but we have to try to keep on living a normal life without worry. It's a great wake up call I guess. Good luck to you!