Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday Morning Check in

I lost about 3 lbs last week, even with the birthday party on Saturday for my twins (one year old) and my niece (3 years old). I had some cupcakes, but I don't think I was overboard.

One things I notice by taking the oil daily is that I have less of a craving for breads. I don't feel the need to include it in every meal.

When I run on the treadmill, I set little mini goals to reach: 'Can i reach the 0.50 mark without stopping', 'Can I make it to 8:00 without stopping?'. My ultimate goal is 170lbs, but my mini goals are:

  • Lose 12 lbs before our Family reunion in August (6 weeks from now). Goal is 260lbs
  • Lower my waist size to less than 40 inches. (This indicates a factor for heart problems).
  • Get down to 220 by December 31, 2008/ BMI < 30, so that I would be considered to be overweight instead of obese. (52 lbs in 28 weeks)
Tim Russert died last week. I felt akin to him for several reasons, he died of a heart attack and he was from Buffalo. He had a calcium blockage in the left anterior descending coronary artery which I have as well. It adds energy to my wanting to lost weight and get healthy.

My brother who is two years younger than I called last night and we talked a little about our tests. I'm glad I could talk to him.

Tomorrow I have my Stress test at the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine. I'm anxious to talk to my doctor about all of the results.

I had the best Father's day moment on Sunday. My son Jon, is a brute and very physical but after a full day playing and late in the afternoon, he crawled up on me and fell asleep in my arms. That was really nice.

Weight: 272 lbs (home scale)

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