Tuesday, June 23, 2009

06/23 @ 214

I lost 2.5 lbs last week. I was pretty good. I'm running a lot more now about 5.2 miles in an hour 4 times a week. My eating has been pretty good as well. I'm going to need to buy more clothes. When I run, I set little goals in my head: Can I reach 20:00 at 5.5 MPH 2.0 incline? etc.

So my next immediate weight lost goal is to get to 210 lbs so that I can buy some new pants and some shirts. I think I could do that over the Fourth of July weekend.

Current Weight: 214

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Brown Eyed Girl said...

I'm happy for you.. keep up the good work. I on the other hand have gained 13 lbs.. Ugh! My diabetes is not happy with me. My diabetes blog is: http://lnewkirk.blogspot.com/