Tuesday, June 16, 2009

06/16 @ 216.5, LDL good, HDL needs work.

I managed to lose 1 lb last week. An amazing feat considering that my Mom came to visit, we ate out a lot (Root down restaurant, breakfast, ice cream, etc). It's not too bad. I'm still under my target weight.

Current Weight: 216.5

I went to my cardiologist last week and I got a lipid panel done. The above busy chart represents my Total lipids, LDL (Lousy), HDL (good), and triglyserides, plus my targets for each. I have two goals, To lower my LDL levels to less than 70 and to raise my HDL to over 60. I've managed to lower my LDL's, but I have to raise my HDL to 60. I did increase it from 43 to 50 in 6 months, but it has to be higher.

According to this article on the Mayo Clinic website. I should be able to raise my HDL 1 mg/Dl for every 6 lbs of weight lost. So if I have 40 lbs to lose (216.5-175 = 41.5), I should increase my HDL to about 56 ( 41/6 = ~6 mg/Dl , 50 + 6=56). It's not 60, but it'll be close. My next lipid panel will be in December.

Lipid Panel: Tot: 123, LDL: 63, HDL: 50, Tri: 55

On Edit: When I did my last lipid panels in December, I weight 240 lbs and my HDL was 43. I weighted 217 when I got my lipids done and my HDL was 50..

So for 23 lbs of weight lost translated to 7 points in HDL lost.. So if I continue on that track
and assuming the same weight/HDL percentage, 40 lbs weight lost would translate to about 12 poins. So my HDL could get up to 62 if I reach my ideal weight of 175 lbs.

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