Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Winning in Afghanistan

I thought this blog post was interesting
from voyages of the bloody, snake, chariot Blog, Bring back the king:

Once upon a time (from 1933 - 1978), in the Hindu Kush Mountains,
Afghanistan was a relatively peaceful, stable, amazingly beautiful

Until 1973 it was ruled by King Mohammad Zahir Shah, a beloved,
pro-cannabis monarch.

That year, while the king was visiting Italy (for eye surgery and to
treat his lumbago), he was overthrown by a jealous, resentful, evil
cousin, Mohammed Daoud Khan (the Villain Daoud), who was backed by the
C.I.A., Richard Nixon, and The War on Plants.

When we first went at war with the Taliban, I always thought that the only way we'll know the war is over is when we started to see 'Grown in Afghanistan' on agricultural goods. Afghanistan was once known for the fruit that was grown there.

Perhaps if they legalize Cannabis in the US, we will know if we've won the war when we are smoking afghani pot.


Anonymous said...

You are an absolute idiot! You want pot to be legalized? THEN MOVE TO FRIKKEN AFGHANISTAN!!! Total idiot...

all6sand7s said...

It is legal here, pinhead.

The point is that we should import legal goods to take money away from illegal activities like poppy fields that support their under ground economy and terror networks.

You need to chill out.