Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Health Goals

In order for me to reach my goals, I must have goals.

Long Term Goals

  • Based on my BMI, I should weight 170 lbs.
    • This is my goal, I think it's going to take me a year to get down to that weight.
    • 52 weeks * 2 lbs = 104lbs - 280 = 170lb
    • Goal to reach by June 30 2009.
  • Controlled Blood Pressure.
    • My average blood pressure should be 120/80.
    • Get off of Blood Pressure medicine.
  • Controlled Lipids levels
    • Good test now, but continued good levels.
  • See my kids graduate college
    • My youngest, the twins will be 22 in 2029 when I'm 63.
  • Reach retirement age to collect Social Security in good health
  • Controlled stress and depression
    • Need to work on this.
Short Term Goals
  • One Serving of Dinner
    • Two servers of dinner at night is too much
    • No snacking after dinner except very rarely.
  • Reduce amount of Coffee and Diet Coke I drink.
    • Caffeine reduction.
  • Start Diet and Exercise program
    • Join Health club and go after work for weight training
    • Write down what I eat to see calories and reduce.
  • Lower Set point
    • Take Olive Oil between meals to lower set point.
  • Take measurements
    • Blood Pressure
    • Follow-up Lipid tests
    • Weight self once a week.
Practices I already do
  • Made appointment for Heart Calcium CT Scan
  • Made appointment for Stress Test
  • Take medicine every day
    • BP Med
    • anti-lipid med
    • Aspirin
    • One a day men's
  • Walk to work about 80 minutes
  • Lipid blood work from doctors indicate everything is okay.

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