Friday, February 01, 2008

Web Trend Map 2008

Information Architects Japan posted a Web Trend Map 2008 mapped on the Tokyo Subway system.

I found it via post.

This is a cool map, but it really doesn't convey the information in a good manner:

  • Why is Skype, eBay, Paypal and Messenger on the same line?
  • Why is Gawker, Adobe and IBM on the same line?
  • It's great that Google is the downtown, by why is Flickr and Facebook closer to downtown than Google?

A better way to represent this information is categorize by website type (news, gaming, social networking, media, portal, etc) and/or use a tag cloud to 'connect the dots'.

I would then like to see what shows up downtown and what is considered to be in the suburbs.

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