Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Cops bust North Denver poker club

Bad boys, bad boys what you going to do...

From the RockyMountain News:

The Denver Police Department arrested 36 people Tuesday night in a suspected illegal gambling shack.

SWAT teams and agents busted the Matterhorn Social Club located at 3918 Tennyson Street at about 10:30 p.m., said Sonny Jackson, spokesman for Denver police. Authorities found a large amount of cocaine, a minor and $10,000 in cash in the club, said Jackson. The suspects were playing poker.
I can understand playing poker but you lost me on the cocaine. The cops probably would not have busted the place if there was no cocaine. I'm sure they'll go lightly on the gambling charges and go harder on whomever organized the games and the drug charges.

Gambling in Colorado

IMHO, The Gambling laws in colorado are too restrictive especially for card games. You can play limit ring poker up to $2-5 at the historical mining towns in the mountains (cripple creek, black hawk, and central city) and they have no-limit tournaments but you can't play no limit cash games. So poker is treated the same as a slot machine or no spread table games.

I'm convinced the casinos like it like this was because they can make more money and take a higher percentage of the rake/pot in a limit game than they can justify in a no-limit game. So the casino's have no incentive to change this rule. There have been some initiatives in the last few years to bring indian casinos to the front range and I'm all for it if they have no-limit and higher limit cash games. But I would especially like to see card rooms legalised in Colorado. I think a card room would be great especially in a location like Lodo or Commerce city. You could still have the slots up in the mining towns, but have card rooms else where.

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