Monday, December 03, 2007

Peeve; Something there is that doesn't love a wall

This morning on NPR's Morning Edition featured a story on stone walls in New England. The story was about old Stone Walls were in demand and some thieves have taken to steal whole walls. It was a good story until the writer started to quote Robert Frost's Mending Wall.

 'Good fences make good neighbors.'

I'm not an English Major and don't claim to have a literary mind, but the whole view point of that poem to to make fun of the neighbor who savagely mindlessly builds up the wall even though there nothing there to capture or keep out between the neighbors. There is something about the nature of this wall that tries to bring it down.

If there was any quote that was truly taken out of context, it is that this poet Robert Frost said "Good Fences Make Good Neighbors". Can we please stop it?

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