Wednesday, October 24, 2007

BR Update: 10/24 Slowly I turn...

Slowly, I turn...

I've been playing mostly 0.25/0.50 LHE games and bring $10 to the table. It's probably about 7.5% of my bank roll on the table, but with Limit, you can play the odds better. It's taking me a while to build up my bank roll on because of it being limit, but it better prepares me for games up in Black hawk.

I went up to Black hawk Colorado a few weeks ago, I still have about 140 dollars left in my bankroll. I played at the Golden Gates Casino and the Lodge Casino. I was up 80 when I left Golden Gates and down 80 when I left the Lodge. I came out even.

One of the things I remember from rethinking the Chris Ferguson Experience, is that when you are managing your bankroll, leave when you are ahead so you don't risk more than 10% of your bankroll. For example, if you have a $100 bankroll and bring in for $5, you should leave when you table stack is about $10. Then you can bring into another game for $5 and protect your bankroll. It's hard to do this playing live with $140 bankroll. But I think my next strategy when I go up there is to bring in for 70 or so to a table and leave when my table stack is a little over 100 and try to find another game. Also, I should probably play 2/4 LHE instead of the 2-5 spread limit games.

Current bank roll
Full Tilt Poker: $150.15 + 3/$26 satellite token
Pokerstars: $150.30
Live: $140.00

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