Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bank roll update (up and down)

I got very impatient and I was very frustrated with my play on FTP. I couldn't win any races and if I had the best on the flop, by the river I was beat. My bankroll on FTP was down to under 30 dollars, when I decided to stop playing there for a while. In fact, I was looking at my reload options.

I switched over to Pokerstars for a while and started working on my bank roll there. I was successful there and increased my bankroll there.

Then, I got an offer from FTP for $50 bonus. I looked as that as an offer to improve my game. I started to work off my bonus there. I think at my lowest point I was down to about 20 dollars and freaking out. But I got very patient and waited for cards and opportunities to bluff. I'm up to over $80 on 5/10 cent NLHE and 25/50 cent LHE. Once I get over 100 I'm going to try a higher limit.

I tried looking for a 24+2 tournament to used my tokens, but the only cash game was a 180 person buy in.

Current bank roll
Full Tilt Poker: $85.00 + 3/$26 satellite token
Pokerstars: $224.14
Live: $100.00

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